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  • The Spartan Gait Apparatus

    The Spartan Apparatus

    A mechanical apparatus designed for neurological rehabilitation (from spinal cord injury, stroke, brain injury, and similar). It exists so the well-researched benefits of regular gait/locomotor training can be attained without an army of trainers or a very expensive robotic machine. It is typically used in conjunction with a support mechanism such as a walker or bodyweight harness.

    The Spartan attaches directly to a “User’s” legs at three points each and allows for an “Operator” to grab the handles and control the User’s leg kinematics during gait or locomotor training. The design translates a very simple rhythmic and repetitive motion from the Operator end into the major stages of normal ambulation on the User end. The learning curve for both the User and Operator is shallow but tall. Getting moving with the device can usually be accomplished in less than ten minutes. Walking quickly and smoothly, hitting hundreds of steps in a single 20 minute session, takes a few hours of cumulative practice.

    Attaching the device takes about 5-8 minutes. It works for people of all shapes and sizes. Discover more on our Videos page and Education materials to learn more about how the device functions and why everyone with a neurological disability should be using it.

    If you are interested in purchasing The Spartan, contact us directly at and a company representative will be in touch.

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