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    ReneGait exists as an embodiment of certain values considered by its founder, Daniel Campbell, to be of critical importance for individuals and families who are navigating life after a serious disabling event or condition. We ultimately strive to improve the lives of these individuals. At ReneGait we understand that such a mission cannot be approached with a narrow perspective.

    ReneGait’s unique perspective is something we are exceptionally proud of. Understanding a person’s need and trying to solve the problem(s) they are facing in a situation is perhaps one of the largest obstacles a company can face. It is the reason we see a modern trend in the engineering departments of companies around the world toward using extreme measures to simulate the problem that they are working on (a doctor in Germany has designed a full-body suit to simulate the pains caused by arthritis for engineers that are creating products for the afflicted!). ReneGait’s President, lead engineer and inventor is a tetraplegic who works closely with medical professionals. Our perspective is not simulated to be like yours. It is yours.

    ReneGait’s purpose was initially inspired by two types in the world of neurological rehabilitation whom Daniel encountered often after his spinal cord injury in 2012.
    The first is the motivated and tenacious soul who struggles daily to attain a better quality of life in the wake of disability. They are dissatisfied with the support system surrounding them, dissatisfied with the amount of therapy insurance will cover, with the grim prognosis their doctor gave, and with the limited range of options, they have to pick up the slack at home. This person knows that their potential is being wasted. They know they could be more independent, healthy, and happy if they were given the right opportunities. Daniel Campbell belongs to this group, and ReneGait is his way of creating the right opportunities for everyone sharing this endeavor.

    The second is the medical benefactor whose hands are tied due to financial and technological constraints; it is the physical therapist, trainer, caregiver, relative, and friend who is the quintessential helping hand to the first group. The ordinary PT clinic cannot afford robotic gait training machines, nor do they have the manpower to supplant them. They are forced to simply rule out over-ground gait training and many other activity-based therapies due to difficulty and cost. Many weaknesses in this support system exist despite the enormous supply of human willpower, ingenuity, and compassion. They are caused by a simple and unnecessary lack of affordable and user-friendly tools.

    Creating elegant tools is the pillar humanity has built to get from caves to space stations.

    And while it is true that a niche group of people such as the neurologically disabled tend to enjoy a slower rate of technological progress because they are engaged by fewer of the world’s innovators than, say, computer companies, ReneGait is here to change that.
    Tools constitute a third of the major elements that need to be addressed for a person to steer their recovery and health to a noticeably better state. Also needed is a conducive mindset and empirically derived knowledge. The tool is your boat, mindset the paddle, and knowledge the compass.

    ReneGait elects to serve the disabled community in a comprehensive way—to build a ramp to all three of these elements so that the disabled fighter and the under-equipped PT can realize their full potential.

    ReneGait commits to:

    • Build the tools you need, tools that are affordable and so easy to use anyone can be a medical benefactor.
    • Showcase the Mover’s mindset—one that is honed, hardened, and hungry. If adopted it will be the reason you awake each day with a genuine desire to improve, the reason your emotions are a fantastic ally rather than a terrible enemy.
    • Help you find the best strategy for improvement by sifting through and delivering current scientific knowledge so you can structure a therapy regimen that will guarantee improved health and maximize your chances of functional recovery.

    These three elements secured, real opportunities will become yours for the taking. You can give yourself the gift of control over your condition.

    It is easy, after being disabled for some time, to forget that “normal” can always be improved. Atrophy, obesity, pressure sores, UTI’s, metabolic disease…these do not have to be “normal.”

    Help us create a new normal.

    Grab your recovery and your health with both hands and alter the very image of the disabled.