The Spartan At Home

You were made to move. The Spartan was made for you.

You were made to move, and nothing is going to stop you now. On the path to recovery, you have to take that first step. The Spartan helps you do just that. 

- Inexpensive access to Activity-Based Therapy and gait training exercises - Easy to learn and use -- a caretaker or loved one can operate it - Fully adjustable and quick setup/take down for consistent training sessions

What is Activity Based Therapy and Gait Training?

The Activity-Based Therapy (ABT) model helps to restore function in individuals with neurological disabilities. It opens up communication between the body and the brain/spinal cord, so that new learning can begin. 

Gait training is one of the best ways to excite the central nervous system after paralysis, however, it is often unattainable for a person with limited lower body function. It’s a modern therapy approach that allows you to get vertical and start taking steps again. In this form of training, you’ll be able to perform repetitive, consistent walking movements designed to introduce neuromuscular re-education. 

Learn more about Activity Based Therapy and gait training 

The Spartan and You

It used to be that in order to get the benefits of gait training, you had to use a robotic exoskeleton or employ several trainers to surround you on stools. Not anymore. The Spartan kicks down the doors that once limited your options for gait training. 

Simplified Training at Home

The Spartan comes on and off easily, minimizing setup time dramatically. Enjoy consistent, convenient use at home and start taking hundreds of steps in 20-30 minutes. With just a few sessions a week, you’ll begin to see and feel real results. 

Precision Control

Activity-Based Therapy requires specific, repeated tasks/exercises. The Spartan eliminates the clumsy, high effort manual gait training techniques or the unnatural gait patterns of orthotics (KAFO). No more over-correction or proliferation of bad form. Instead, you’ll get enhanced stepping quality and faster results. 

Low Barrier to Entry

In the past, effective gait training wasn’t really available to everyone. The Spartan doesn’t require you to schedule time in a clinic with a robotic exoskeleton. You can begin using the Spartan immediately at home or as a part of your training in clinic. - All you need is (1) a means of controlling your trunk and hips (usually a walker), and (2) a partner to grab the handles and operate the Spartan. A long hallway or access to a sidewalk also helps, but if you don’t have those you can simply repeat stepping along a smaller distance more times. 

Built for the Fighters

The Spartan was built by a fighter...someone who suffered a traumatic injury and decided to revolutionize his treatment and recovery with completely new technology.  Daniel’s Story 

Now, the Spartan is used by people from all sorts of backgrounds and situations. One thing is clear, the Spartan was built for those looking to beat the odds. We are in this together, and together we can do amazing things. Your injuries don’t define you. The way you battle does. See more stories 

The First Step of your Journey

ABT and Gait training should be an integral part of your therapy routine, and now it’s available to everyone. With the Spartan, you’ll be able to partner with your therapist using a tool that makes both of your jobs easier. Or, you can expedite your recovery by using the Spartan at home. 

Purchase your Spartan now and make your next step on your journey an impactful one. 

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Be sure to review “What It Takes To Begin Using the Spartan” and “Spartan Safety” to ensure you are able to safely train with the Spartan before purchasing.