Strengthen your Patients. Strengthen your Therapy.

Give your patients the chance to stand up and move with the Spartan.

Stay on the leading edge of treatment

Staying in touch with modern technology and therapy doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The Spartan allows you to offer leading-edge treatment to your patients like never before.
• Broaden your services and capabilities without expensive equipment/staff

• Eliminate physical stresses imposed on your staff by other AGT methods, and make them more efficient

• Streamline documentation - the Spartan makes it easy to observe and report functional changes in patients

• See more patients in your clinic - people are actively searching for aggressive rehab clinics that will get them up and moving

Do you offer Gait Training?

Modern Therapy with Cutting-Edge Technology

Traditional neurological rehabilitation is focused on returning the patient to normal life with as much independence as possible, while preventing secondary medical issues. This is typically achieved by teaching the patient how to compensate for lost function, often by strengthening the unaffected limbs and learning how to use them more effectively. 

This treatment model comes from an era in which the nervous system was believed to have no meaningful capacity for regeneration from trauma or disease.


Now we have overwhelming evidence pointing to the ability of the nervous system to relearn and reconnect after injury. On its own, it will not recover much, and traditional therapy doesn’t do a great job of sparking recovery either. The modern research imperative is to find avenues to enhance this capacity for relearning; finding exactly which physical activity (therapy) modes, patterns, and characteristics are needed to fuel this ability. Activity-Based Therapy (ABT) is a new treatment model that stems from this modern effort to optimize neurological rehabilitation - and the early evidence is very promising. Research


ABT treatments target activation of neuronal pathways around an area of injury for the purpose of eliciting a neuro-plastic response to promote functional regeneration.

Gait training is one of the best ways for a person with limited lower body function to participate in ABT. It’s a modern therapy approach that allows your patients to get vertical and start taking steps again. In this form of training, you’ll be able to help them perform repetitive, consistent walking movements designed to introduce neuromuscular re-education.

Some major benefits of gait training for your patients:

- Neuromuscular re-education and functional recovery

- Physiological improvements and increased capabilities

- Increased strength

- Improved mental well-being

The Spartan in your Clinic

Currently, the clinical toolkit for performing AGT is very limited. Most of the available solutions present a significant drawback to the clinician and end-user. Due to high cost, low therapeutic quality, or low usability, most AGT solutions are untenable. This has led to a vast under-utilization of AGT treatments in neuro-rehab. Not anymore! The Spartan kicks down the doors that once limited the options for gait training in your clinic.

Benefits of the Spartan:

• Dramatic patient improvement

• More PRECISE repetitions for trainees

• Effective AND efficient use of clinic resources

• Lower costs for your clinic

• Quick setup and take down

• Improved patient and trainer safety

• Ease of operation for staff

Simplified Training

With the Spartan, you usually only need one trainer to assist in the training.

The Spartan allows for easy control without a team of trainers or an expensive robotic exoskeleton. And, trainers don’t need to strain their back from a stool to assist in stepping. 

Precision Control

The Spartan allows for specific, repeated tasks/exercises. It eliminates the clumsy, high effort manual gait training (stool method) techniques or the unnatural gait patterns of orthotics (KAFO). No more over-correction or proliferation of bad repetitions. Instead, your patients get enhanced stepping quality and faster results. 

Clinic ROI

 Your clinic doesn’t need to spend a lot to get a lot. With the Spartan, you can deliver quality training to your patients without expensive and cumbersome robotics that create a log jam in scheduling. The Spartan saves your staff time and allows them to help even more patients.

Patient Engagement

A recent study showed that patients involved in activity-based, restorative therapies have higher engagement and more hope than those involved in traditional therapies (Felter, et al. Characteristics of Individuals Seeking Activity-Based Restorative Therapy Following Spinal Cord Injury: A Focus on Hope. NeuroRehabilitation 41 (2017) 237-240). The Spartan can help you deliver hope and lift the spirits of your patients, and keep everyone working together toward recovery.

Beyond Basic Therapy

The Spartan was built by someone dealing with his own traumatic injury and rehabilitation. He decided to revolutionize his treatment and create something that would make ABT and gait training much more accessible to clinics and patients. (Daniel's Story)

Now, the Spartan is used by clinics everywhere and is allowing more patients than ever to get the benefits of gait training. One thing is clear, the Spartan was built for those looking to take their training beyond the “traditional.” See more stories 

Your Next Step

Gait training should be an integral part of your therapy offerings. With the Spartan, you’ll be able to give the best training to your patients using a tool that makes both of your jobs easier. 

Be sure to review “What It Takes to Begin Using the Spartan” and “Spartan Safety” to ensure you are able to safely train with the Spartan before purchasing.