User Manual

Properly gait training with the Spartan device is a low-risk activity. Below is the information that you, as the “operator,” need to understand what is proper for a given user. An operator need not be a physical therapist or trainer, although it is recommended that anyone who wishes to use the device initially seek guidance from one. Inclusion Threshold The person can be brought to an upright, standing position. With the necessary support mechanisms in place (platform walker, pelvic harness, etc.) the person can be safely manipulated to achieve a cyclical stepping motion without undue falling risk. The integrity of their bones, ankle joints, knee joints, and hip joints will not be threatened by the activity. General Safety To perform gait or locomotor training with the Spartan is to subject the user to the internal and reaction forces normally associated with walking, as well as the external forces exerted on the user’s body through the device itself. Furthermore, the user gains gravitational potential energy by standing, and will be performing a complex task that they may need to acclimate to before feeling stable. It will take time for the user to learn how best to maneuver their body and for the operator to learn how best to maneuver the device. It may require a small trialand-error period before the device is calibrated for a best fit to the user (slide-hinge placement and elastic ankle supports). Given these challenges as well as any others that are specific to the user’s disability presentation and the support equipment being used, it is recommended that you progress slowly to a state of standard-speed assisted ambulation. When assisting the user with knee extension, exert a controlled and gradual force into the Spartan’s handle so that the knee enters full or near-full extension guardedly and without extra force. A knee brace may be worn underneath the device. While executing the swing phase with one of the user’s legs (pulling, rotating up), be sure to remember to hold (as needed) the opposite knee in extension so that the user has clearance for the swing leg and so their only load bearing leg does not buckle. For users with a history of compromised skin health, it is recommended that you periodically check their skin at all points of contact with the device. The ankle attachment does not need to be fitted as snugly as the thigh attachment. Be observant and check for skin discoloration or any other signs of significantly impaired blood flow.